T. Shaov: Unhealthy Song (Вредная песня), by Rashpill

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Играет: Тимур Шаов: Вредная песня
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U n h e a l t h y     S o n g

English translation by Rashpill, 2010

Oh, we are eating so unhealthy way,
And we never think of losing weight,
We consume whatever’s on the plate,
And drink whatever’s in the glass,
But our destitute and pale wives,
Diet-exhausted from the veggie lives,
Being mad from their vain of strives,
Sadly chew some faded grass.

Oh, shish-kabob with cognac sip
And some hot sauce here is so suitable…
With onion, on the skewer tip –
It’s so beautiful!

It’s forbidd’n to eat all salty food,
Lot of peppers also isn’t good,
Ravioli will be health kaput,
Like a stew with fatty meat.
All nutritionists are telling us:
Smoked dishes leave us no chance,
And, according to research results,
It is never safe to eat.

But my nervous system can’t say "yes".
It’s too nervous system - I confess.
When I’m hungry, I am such a scum,
But when I’m fed – I’m pretty good.
Spinach does not bring your mood to health,
Body seeks aro’nd for something else:
Tigers need some real bloody smells:
Gristle, not the thistle food!

How nice to get some baby ribs,
Then add some ham to it
And smoked salmon bit!
With glass of deeply foamed beer
It makes an endless cheer!

They are preaching for the temperance,
Moderation and asceticism,
They’re insisting: “Cut your appetite,
Your cholesterol is high!”
I’m not arguing for any sake:
It’s like talking to a carrot stake.
Tell me, what a great philosophy
Carrot stake can have inside?

They already’ve taken too much off:
Our illusions were reduced to scoff,
Freedom, Liberty, Democracy
Where thrown out of the door.
Our ideals were replaced by force,
Our horizons were shrank to nose,
Now they want to take – and that’s the worst! –
Garlic-staffed roast pork!

Oh, how goose is sputtering fat!
It smells like butter dress,
And feels like happiness
How we’ll survive without goose?
It’s something we can’t lose!

So, Lord will give you health, I pray,
And to move your bowels every day,
Have your shiny mood to come and stay,
And your soul be full of flame!
But if you’re having some indiscreet wish
For improving your upcoming dish,
Don’t be afraid to cut the leash,
Let me handle all the blame!

Take call – meatball does worth it!
And roasted rooster’s call!
Let healthy fatty torso –
Have healthy skinny soul!
Don’t listen to the pri_est,
Whatever he would say,
Let’s have a meal at le_ast
On every other day!
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