B. Okudzhava: A Wish to My Friends (Давайте восклицать), by Rashpill

Опубликовано: 4490 дней назад (12 октября 2010)
Играет: Булат Окуджава: Давайте восклицать
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A     W i s h     t o     M y   F r i e n d s

            Lyrics and music by B.Okudzhava
            English translation by Rashpill, 2010

Let’s dare to exclaim, admire one another.
And use high-sounding words – they won’t hurt, but gather.
Let’s don’t be afraid to compliment and promise,
And love will fill your life with so happy moments!

Let’s openly cry, and share weeping greatly,
Together, and apart, in turns and alternately.
Don’t pay attention to all gossips, evil comments,
Because where Sorrow is, the Love is always coming.

Let’s try to understand all words that are omitted,
So making a mistake, it won’t be repeated.
Let’s love each other being indulged and respected,
Moreover that the life is shorter than expected.
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