B. Okudzhava: Forgive The Foot (Простите пехоте), by Y. Bonver

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F o r g i v e     T h e     F o o t

By B. Okudzhava
Translation: Yevgeny Bonver
Edition: Rashpill, 2010

Forgive the foot soldiers,
For so illogical sometimes it is:
We get away always
When spring is rampaging all over the streets...
Our steps are unsteady,
The stairs are shaky, there’s no a chance…
And willows are bending
And looking, like sisters in white, after us.

Don’t faith in the weather,
When it’s pouring out the rains, so long,
And in the foot, either,
That’s loudly singing the bravado-song.
Don’t think all is peaceful,
When gardens are full of careless nightingales:
Between Life and Death still
Are many unfinished and fateful trades.

By time, we were prompted:
Live, like in a camp, with open doors…
Hey, man, our comrade,
How tempting is impatient duty of yours:
Be trim for the road,
But sleeplessness comes when you get to the thought:
Where do we go
When spring is rampaging all over the earth?

Why[do] off we go
When spring is rampaging all over the earth?
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