T. Shaov: TV (Телевизор), by Rashpill

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Играет: Тимур Шаов: Телевизор
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            Lyrics and music by T. Shaov
            Translation by Rashpill, 2010

It’s a splinter in my mind, I would even say, a schizo,
And a grief is over-shading my already dully face.
Only one disturbing question: who invented television?
What a scum was engineering that disgrace of human race?

Now I’m sitting like a zombie by the box of views and sounds.
If I’ll miss a day of watching – no shows, no news,
I’ll be suffering the sweats that will be worse than has freak-out
Need a dose! Even weather or commercial will do!

I am watching, I am crying. All my favorites are there:
All Star Gate, Star Trek, Star Bucks, stardust, starvation and Star Wars,
We, the Simpsons, aren’t liking any other entertainments,
We aren’t liking those either, but we’re given no choice.

I am told by TV daily like I’m brainless or I’m stupid
That all things have their value that’s already determined:
For example, no question that the extremism is awful,
And it’s also no question that the President is right.

      Out there is sunrise, out there is sunset,
      But I am sitting by my lovely TV set,
      I’m watching every junk, I’m loving all the lame…
      Well, I was thinking that I’m smarter. Such a shame!

I could make my life much better, I could wander through the highlands –
Man is born for joy and pleasure, for the harmony indeed.
I believe you, dear Vanya, we will see the sky in diamonds –
What a hell! Instead of diamonds – flat screen Sony LCD.

You were right, drunk Zarathustra: God has died from influenza.
The new pastor – the TV – is grazing the electorate
To remind us every minute, who is feeding you, dependents!
To don’t let us to relax on our way to Eden gate.

They will splash me couple movies, like a bran to trough for piglets,
Then the mix of TV series, loud music, crashed flight…
I’ll consume with happy grumble, and they’ll remind me quickly,
That the extremism is awful, and the President is right.

Oh, please listen, dear people! Come to help me! Come to save me!
If that news are not deceiving, then it means they lie to you!
If you hear from one channel: “Pumpkin is a vegetable”,
Then another channel tells you: “Liars! Pumpkin is a fruit!”

      All people have a spring, and Fourth of July,
      They have some things to cry,
      and have some things to buy,
      Some trains and plains to catch, some places to avoid,
      But I am sentenced to a bed and hemorrhoids.

I’m afraid to leave the house: in the news they said again that
There are accidents, explosions, and all kinds of nightmare,
Crazy killers on the roads look for victims permanently,
Angry bandit comes to town, kind sheriff is aware.

And my mind stopped thinking; I am stuffed with a fear:
Screen is full of naked women, flowing blood and deadly fight…
In the corner of my sofa I’m repeating as a prayer:
Jesus, Extremism is awful, and the President is right!

Day by day, the screen is blinking, and my craziness is growing,
I am screaming: I wish you’ll be cracked! Stolen! Never born!"
In reply, he sang with passion: “Take me down! Take me down!”
After that he said: “Tomorrow – isolated thunderstorms.”

But one day, a week ago, those feeders were burned
I woke up, I looked around with a crackle in my neck:
I have noticed new wallpapers, and my children have matured,
And my wife, who said with tears: "Oh, my darling! Welcome back!"
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