T. Shaov: From America With Love (Из Америки с любовью), by Rashpill

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Играет: Тимур Шаов: Из Америки с любовью
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F r o m     A m e r i c a     W i t h     L o v e

English translation by Rashpill, 2010

What I’ll say to you, my darling,
About America, as a country?
It is big and rich in oil and in grain.
Lot of banks and friendly climate.
Kids are grown very early.
People are mostly programmers, I would say.
They all live like in the country
Mainly loafing around,
Having guests and Bar-B-Q-ing outdoor,
Most popular are: Madonna,
Basketball and strange word “bullshit”
No dictionary has that special word…

Everybody here is smiling
Any time and any season
That’s, I think, because they earn more than I do…
Our black cats are not respected,
But it is unlucky omen
If the skunk will cross the road in front of you.
Blacks and whites are brothers here.
All like soul mates around.
I was told: “Don’t go to Harlem – it’s not safe.”
I replied: “Are you one nation?”
“That is bullshit.” – They replied –
“We’re one nation, but the crime grows every day!”

It’s so peaceful, quite, and drinks are so tiny…
But in business they’re like nobody else.
Words “In god we trust” they put on money.
Just on dollars, to remind themselves.

No brutality in people,
No coarse-grinded salt here,
Where is stealing, devastation, neighbor fights?
Scandals here have no cursing,
Meats have no cholesterol, and
Their tramps are in tuxedoes… Paradise!
To be rich is not so scary –
They wouldn’t send you to Siberia
Even if you have become a billionaire.
If you see somebody’s running,
It is not because he is chased, but
It is only exercise in open air!

«Can I help You, Sir?» – «Of course!
Let me put together some words…
“Where, dear, I buy beer?
I need drink right now, because!”

I’d like running in the morning,
But not after all-night drinking:
I can’t miss a drink when people are so kind!
Look, who lived here: I. Stravinsky
(And we were drinking whiskey),
F. Chaliapin (we drink vodka) - would you mind?
I’m recalling Mother Russia,
My old house behind a fence, and
Hatching rain between the birches, buzzing bee…
Russia looks so much like Canada,
It’s sad, that it’s not Canada,
But nonetheless, it’s a homeland to me!

It is, really, time for our Russian natives
In replacement to each Lenin monument
Put a little Statue of Liberty that’s raising
“Johnny Walker” in her right, extended hand.

We have so much in common:
Nation honor and devotion,
Also smartness and our endless strive to talk...
If we’ll teach them drink, and take their
Puritanism, then, I swear,
Nobody will distinguish our folks!
I was leaving heavy-hearted.
Separation wasn’t easy.
I am melting sentimental in the turn.
So, when I passed the custom,
And was hiding back my passport,
I just whispered to the officer: “I’ll return!”

America, America,
Good-bye from over the fence,
The country is awaking for
The break of days!
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