T. Shaov: Kefir Rock-N-Roll (Кефирный рок-н-ролл), by Rashpill

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Играет: Тимур Шаов: Кефирный рок-н-ролл
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K e f i r     R o c k - N - R o l l

Lyrics and music by T. Shaov
English translation by Rashpill, 2010

We’re not as good as were before
We’re getting older, going forth,
And where adrenalin took place,
Now only fat and overweight.
The nose is stuffed, the eye is blind,
The liver’s sticking from inside,
We are already in the past,
And certain things are not for us.

Loud music tears ears,
On the table, where kefir is
Fading glory of the heroes –
At the end of our life –
Slippers, kitchen, soup and salads,
Shop, news paper, sofa, pounds,
Toilet sound on background,
And your aging wife.

Do you remember those times?
We were shining like new dimes,
We were eagles, we sang the “Beatles”,
We threw the chairs out of windows,
We drank and sang too much, of course,
And life was running like a horse,
With ups and downs, with stops and bumps,
Like being chased by hunting hounds!

Now we’re lying down too often,
Scared of risk to leave the sofa,
Old, lazy, philosophic,
Blowing nose and scratching ear.
Do you feel, my old buddies,
How unfit your stone butt is?
I’m depressed and I’m phlegmatic,
Sipping my kefir

Night wind is bringing me
The fragrance of the fields…
Our life is…only glass with…
With kefir and sour milk!

Let’s leave this boring Elsinore,
Over the fence and to the shore,
Let’s get a car, let’s brake a tar,
Let’s take F-major on guitar,
And then like young and homeless trumps,
We’ll make a camp on river side’s,
Let’s change for drinks our jackets, shoes,
Socks, glasses, pants, and go lose!

Guess, who we look like in cases
Of such silly, dull, glum faces?
Hey, get up, my friend, let’s face it!
Shake your hypodermic fat!
Let’s get out of our routine, and
Go drunk and hoarse from screaming,
And get home by the evening,
To kefir and bed.

Drink, drink, getting high…
Drink, drink, getting high…
Drink, drink, getting high…
Drink, drink, getting high…

Don’t touch me when I’m drinking or I’m high,
Fill the glass, fill the glass, fill the glass!
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