T. Shaov: Yeti (Снежный человек), by Rashpill

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Играет: Тимур Шаов: Снежный человек
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Y e t i

            Lyrics and music by T.Shaov
            English translation by Rashpill, 2010

People now fall in love with mountains like crazy.
Going to Alps, conquering Andes, climbing Pyrenees
Himalayas are footprinted, Tibet is trash-coated:
People under "quarter moon" are Shambhala-devoted. |2t.

Roerich-Moerich, – I don’t care, since I didn’t witness,
But the Caucasus has more of miracles and secrets.
Once upon a little drinking I was there, hiking,
And encountered a Yeti, peacefully and kindly. |2t.

We sat down on a stub to drink for the alliance,
For the meeting, for the nature, for the love to science
He complained: “No drinking partner – hogs around and vultures,
Only grunting, only dumping – total luck of culture! |2t.

It’s so hard without women – Yeti girls are rare.
Body’s always demanding, hand is always bare…
He was asking me about president’s election,
Is it true that Stalin’s dead? And who is Michael Jackson?
Is it true that Nixon’s dead? And who is Michael Jackson?

He was mad from scientists: “They’re pointing their fingers,
Calling me a monkey, or a “hominid relictus”
If the hominid they need – maybe, I’ll be sorry –
But I’ll “homicide and hide” play with them tomorrow.
I will “homicide and hide” play with them tomorrow.

Then we were exchanging goods for all the needs emerging.
He was giving me ginseng and getting pills for purging.
He got drunk, and couldn’t distinguish vodka from tequila,
For some reason sang “Katyusha” and “Hava-nagila”
For some reason sang “The Banner” and “Hava-nagila”

We were dancing, and to me – he was like a cousin,
More or less, we, after all, are both by birth Caucasian,
He proclaimed: “I killed my youth in this rocky wasteland!
Get me out of here, brother, I’m done my waiting.” |2t.

We went down to the town, he got use of toilet,
People are calling him around: “Jetty – hominoid”
Now he works in warehouse, even started shaving
Girls, come by and take a look – he’s ready for the marrying! |2t.
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